Your Business is Food – Don’t Throw It Away toolkit

Uploaded by: Paige Melville
Updated on: 6th January 2020
Author(s): Eleanor Morris


Nearly 75% of all food that is thrown out by the UK’s Hospitality and Food Service Sector is food that could have been eaten. The value of this food waste costs the sector around £3 billion a year with the annual cost of food waste at around £10,000 per outlet. We are working with restaurants, hotels, caterers and take-aways across London – to help them reduce waste, provide more healthy options for their customers and introduce food waste recycling in their kitchens and restaurants.

The resources in the toolkits help businesses to measure and monitor the food thrown away, get their teams on board and make an action plan to reduce the amount of food thrown away, thereby saving money and boosting profits. Get cracking with tracking!

Businesses based outside the UK: the ‘Your Business is Food – Don’t Throw it Away’ toolkit is a simple business-focused toolkit with a proven track record.

UK-based businesses: Guardians of Grub includes a suite of free food prevention resources easily incorporated into any business and offers campaign materials to help embed good practice.


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