Evaluation case studies – Schools

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Updated on: 22nd January 2020


Evaluation Case Studies – Schools

Groundwork London are responsible for the schools engagement arm of TRiFOCAL and have curated an award-winning education programme designed for key stage 2 pupils (aged between 9 and 10) which has been delivered in 24 schools in nine boroughs across London.

The specific objectives of the workshop series were for pupils to: increase their knowledge of the key messages; adopt positive attitudes and behaviours around the key messages; and spread their learnings to other pupils, parents and staff.

The project was evaluated using multiple tools: a weekly lunchtime food waste audit, a questionnaire completed by teachers, and key performance indicators (including homework pledges and counts of pupil, parent and teacher engagement). In addition, pupils were also evaluated using a pre- and post-intervention survey in the form of a quiz.

The in-depth evaluation case studies consider the scale of attitude and claimed behaviour change on pupils across three constructs: avoidable food waste prevention; unavoidable food waste recycling; healthy sustainable eating.

Supplemental information regarding the activities of the workshop series is provided in the factsheet.

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