Case study: What have we done differently in TRiFOCAL to engage with businesses?

Uploaded by: Katharine Fox
Uploaded on: 18th December 2019


TRiFOCAL’s engagement with businesses had two key objectives: to (1) Influence businesses to change their behaviour and (2) to influence consumers to change their behaviour via business engagement.

While TRiFOCAL largely utilised existing materials and networks as the foundation for the business engagement activity, the delivery approach differed and comprised:

  • Systemic thinking
  • Test, learn and adapt methodology
  • Integrated activity between the delivery areas

This case study explores these elements to answer the question: what has TRiFOCAL done differently to engage with businesses?

Case study prepared in collaboration with Prof. Alberto Paucar-Caceres and Ms Toni Burrowes-Cromwell from Manchester Metropolitan University Business School.

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